I’m Tired of Snow

I don’t have anything really important to add to the universal discussion today. Just working the day through. I’m on lunch right now, in the last few minutes of my break, and I just wanted to state to the public that I am sick and tired of snow.

It’s March 8th. Spring is less than two weeks away. The entire ground is still covered with snow. I’m tired of it. I want to see grass again, even if it’s dead grass. I’m done with snow. I want it gone. Screw you snow. Screw you winter. It’s our second Covid-19 March and if we have to suffer through more lock down then I want my freakin’ Springtime and I want it right freakin’ now.

Thank you. I patiently await the Universe’s response.

Hooray for Spring

Is everyone enjoying March 19th so far? It’s the last day of winter and Mother Nature is proving it. Snow. Lots of snow. It’s still falling too. Hooray. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. We are going to celebrate by shoveling.

All and all this has been a mild winter. The first snow storm actually happened in the Fall, so that doesn’t count. We didn’t really have to deal with any snowy weather until February. While the over all season hasn’t been too bad, February and March have sucked.

March 2013, in like a lion and out like a bigger, angrier lion.

Mother Nature Continues to be a Big Fat Jerk

What the hell is this?

Spring officially begins at some point on Wednesday.  The day after tomorrow.  How is Mother Nature (the jerk) honoring this change of season?

By dumping 3-5 freakin’ inches of snow on us overnight tonight?  Oh, screw you!

On an only slightly related note, is there anything lamer than weather.com’s gimmick of naming winter storms?  Come on, you idiots, snow storms are not deserving of names.  They are little piddly things compared to tropical storms.  Get over yourselves.  It’ll be hurricane season soon enough and then you twerps can have your named storms again.


Spring had better get its springy ass here quick.