Happy Mini Split Morning

It’s Friday morning and we are having our new mini split HVAC system installed today. They didn’t give us a window for arrival so we were assuming sometime this morning. At 6:30am we got a “we’re on our way” text. Yikes, that’s super early!

At 7:45 a pick up truck parked in front of the house. There is one guy in it and he’s been sitting there for 15 minutes. Is he waiting for more people? Is he waiting for 8:00am? No, because it’s 8:01 right now. What’s he waiting for?

The cats, the cat food, and the litter boxes are closed up in Bellana’s room. Another truck just pulled up. I think we are just about good to go!

Comcast Weirdness

It’s so strange.

Comcast gave us a 9:00-1:00 window for their installation today.  The guy showed up at a few minutes after 9:00 and was done and gone before 10:00.

We have nothing to bitch about.  Isn’t that weird?  This is a new experience for me.