Kenobi Sneak Peak

Happy Disney+ Day. Two years ago today the Mouse’s streaming service launched and gave us The Mandalorian and a Star Wars story worthy of the name.

Today they gave us… well, nothing really. There is a little documentary on Boba Fett, and lots of Marvel announcements and Shang Chi is available for viewing now.

Oh, and there’s a little sneak peak at the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and YES YES YES!!!

Hockey Depression

The Montreal Canadiens have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final. As if life weren’t difficult enough already.

They beat Vegas in overtime last night. It’s Montreal’s first trip to the finals since 1993. It’s the first Canadian team to make the finals since 2011 when the heroic, glorious Boston Bruins beat Vancouver.

For my money, anything short of a Bruins cup win feels like misery. The only way it could be worse is if the Montreal Canadiens win it. The last Bruins cup was in 2011. The last Canadiens cup was in 1993. The fact that their drought has been longer than ours is a literally a source of bliss for me. It’s the only thing that can soothe the pain of the Bruins not being the champs. Remember a couple of years ago when the Bruins lost in the finals to St Louis (gag)? As heart breaking and gut wrenching as that loss was, at least we could still say that we had won more recently than Montreal.

The other semi final series has its game seven tonight. Tampa Bay vs Long Island. I am still very much in Tampa’s corner, but if the Islanders should win it and advance to the finals I will be 100% an Islanders fan for a couple of weeks. Even though they are the bastards who eliminated my Bruins, and even though they are from (gag) New York.

As Princess Leia once said (via a hologram stored in R2-D2) to Obi-Wan Kenobi, “this is our most desperate hour.” The Montreal Canadiens must be stopped. They must be stopped!