Guilty as Charged

This is justice for one man. Now we need to change the system so that it never happens again.

White House Lockdown

I am trying to find live video coverage of this but I can’t (other than the typical trump cult youtube channels). Apparently a crowd of people protesting the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis gathered outside of The White House tonight. The reports were that the Secret Service instituted the lockdown. I saw a tweet a minute ago from a reporter who was stuck inside The White House grounds stating the lockdown has actually been lifted.

Yesterday… or this morning… whenever it was, the fascist in chief, cheetolini tweeted that the military was ready to stand with Minnesota, and “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The fucking president of the fucking united fucking states said that. The nazi in chief. The racist fuck in chief. The fascist in chief. He said that the military was ready to start shooting US citizens.

Of course he’s trying to spin that tonight because he’s a liar and is incapable of speaking (or tweeting) words that aren’t either evil bile or flat out lies.

I don’t condone violence. Ever. But you people out in the streets. I get it. Just be safe. Don’t forget about COVID-19. Don’t be like those fucking trump cultists and ignore the pandemic.

Sick of This Shit

Everything going on in Minnesota. I tried to watch the video but I couldn’t. The behavior of those cops was just too evil for me. Too disgusting. How they weren’t arrested on the spot is beyond me. It’s evil. Pure and simple. Oh, they were fired. Yippy frickin hooray. I just read that the owner of the offending knee was finally arrested. I don’t have any verification for that. He better have been, and all of the other cops who are accomplices to the murder need to be arrested too. Arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted, and sentenced to a very long time in a cage.

And the shit stain in the white house. I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t deal with evil like this anymore. It’s too much for me.

George Floyd.