Steam Fail?

I’m a Mac user, babie. None of that Windows crap for me. Well… except for work… and except for when I want to use something that doesn’t run on a Mac.

Jen has inspired me to try my hand at gaming so I installed World of Warcraft on my Mac. It works fine. Cool. Then there was the game I tried to play the last time I tried to get into gaming… which was something like 2012 or so? Star Wars: The Old Republic. That puppy doesn’t run on Mac.

So what’s a red headed Mac douche to do? Emulate, bitches! I installed Parallels and Windows 11. That works fantastically. Groovy like you’ve read about. Next, I installed Steam. That seems okay except that I always always always lose my password and had to jump through 2000000 hoops to actually get in. Once that mess was clean I downloaded and installed Star Wars. Success! Then I had to go through another 100000 password hoops before finally getting into the game and finding out that it doesn’t work with a track pad. I’m sure it works fine if I had an actual mouse with two buttons, but for the moment?

Fail, apparently. Bummer… for now.

The White House

I don’t know if the Obamas were home or not.

We went to the White House on Friday. Every time I’ve walked down this street there has been a crowd, but this time it might have been bigger than before because there is a Pokemon Gym right at the tree on the left of the picture. Figure at least 3/4 of these people are just playing Pokemon Go.

The ban the bomb signs have been there every time I’ve visited over the last 12 years. I don’t think they were playing Pokemon Go though. They might have been, I just don’t think they were.

You can just barely see them in the image, but there were a couple of staff people standing in front of the front door. There was also a van off to the left with it’s hood up. I wonder if it was left there by Billy Carter or something.

I don’t know whether or not the Obamas were home. Part of me wanted to knock on the door and ask if I could shake the man’s hand. Instead though, I just got my ass kicked in the Pokemon Gym.