Was That What I Think it Was?

I pulled into the driveway with a trunk full of groceries. When I stepped out of the car I happened to look back toward the street. In the distance, for just a second, I caught sight of a bird flying along. It was big. It had a dark body. It had a white head.

I know there are bald eagles in the Methuen Bird Sanctuary. I’ve seen pictures.

Did I just see a bald eagle flying down route 28?

I think I did.

For the Birds

I had two separate bird sightings this week that are just the kind of thing to make your total nerd boy of a narrator want to run to wordpress.

This morning I was getting ready for work when I heard the gobble gobble of a turkey coming from behind the house. My step son was in the next room. I asked him if he heard it too but he didn’t. It was still dark out at that point. Half an hour later, with the sun coming up, I looked out the back window and could see a family of turkeys pretty far back in the trees. I had the kids look and they saw them too. One of them was doing that thing where they fan out their tail feathers. That sucker was HUGE. Mammoth! Gigantic. It was big enough to be Thanksgiving dinner for the whole neighborhood. I thought it was really cool. The kids were less impressed.

Still, as far as bird sightings go, that was nothing. Nothing, I say. I saw something else on Wednesday that was so awesome I can’t believe I forgot to write about it.

I was driving North on route 3 on the way home from work. There is a weird junction of highways in Chelmsford that I have to take each day. In order to go from route 3 North to route 495 North you have to take the Lowell Connector for a mile or so. Maybe less. As you exit onto the Connector there is a field to your right. It’s not big. There are some houses on the other side of it. Sometimes it looks like it floods, and there is a little pond. Right now that little pond is frozen over. (well, at least it was on Wednesday evening) As I was taking the exit something over there caught my eye. It went behind some trees as I changed roads and I lost it. Then it cleared again and I could see it. It was only for about a second and a half, but there was no doubt what it was.

It was a bird. A really, really big bird. It had brown feathers on its body and white feathers on its head. Oh yeah, USA, it was the bird that symbolizes our nation. It was a bald freakin’ eagle.

This isn’t a case of Robbie thinking it might have been something but he isn’t 100% sure. No. This was totally and without question a bald eagle. It was HUGE! It was just standing there in the middle of that frozen flood/pond area just off to the right of the junction between route 3 and the Lowell Connector. If I could have doubled back to get a better look I would have, but I was on the highway with no outlet. If I could have caught one of those asshole squirrels in my back yard and fed it to the eagle I would have, but alas I was lacking a squirrel trap.

I know there are bald eagles in the bird sanctuary in Methuen, and I once sat in awe as I watched one flying low over the Merrimack river in Lawrence. My new goal in life is to get a picture of one of these suckers. That would be cool.