Scan Complete

I’m home and punching in to work. My CT scan is complete. All appears to be well. I read the Radiologist’s report and even though it’s sort of like trying to read ancient Greek, from what I gather it agrees with the second MRI in that whatever that thing in the middle of my brain is, it’s not anything to worry about. Sigh of releif.

To celebrate, here’s Lily.


CT Scan

I’ve never had a CT scan before. I never had an MRI either prior to last month. I guess we’ll get to check both of them off the bucket list after this morning. A CT scan of my brain. About an hour and a quarter from now.

I know it’s safe and harmless but… I’m kinda nervous. I guess I’m just a chicken. A big wuss of a chicken.

Wish me and my defective brain luck? Or don’t, it’s okay. I’ll be fine. It’s just a souped up x-ray after all. Safe and harmless. Stop being a chicken, chicken. It’s only your brain, after all.

Kinda Bummed

I just e-checked in for my doctors appointment tomorrow morning. I also e-checked in for my doctors appointment on Thursday morning. They are both at 8:15am. What the fuck was I thinking? The Thursday appointment notes say I can drink clear liquids before the appointment but I can’t eat anything.


Two doctors appointments this week. Two doctors appointments next week too. Again, what the fuck was I thinking?

In an unrelated note, Lily is showing a tremendous amount of affection toward my beloved bride, Jennifer right now and and I am very happy about it. So is she. No bummer there, no sir.

More Imaging to Come

The spot in my brain MRI is probably just a cluster of blood cells. It doesn’t look like a cancerous tumor but we will need more imaging to know for sure. I’m going to have an MRI with contrast and a CT scan at some point in the near future. I’m just waiting for my health insurance to approve the orders. I’ll also need to do follow ups in the future to make sure the spot isn’t growing.

The diagnosis also includes that this likely has nothing to do with the migraines. That means I have to meet with the neurologist at some point in the near future too. The whole point of this was figuring out the migraines after all.

So now you all can look forward to more boring, obnoxious posts about my teeny tiny little brain. Fun fun fun, kiddies.