I Can’t Take It

I’ve had the House debate on impeachment running for about 15 minutes and I am so mad I can’t believe it. I literally just heard a republican say that when the nazi fascist incited the riot he didn’t mean it. The rioters weren’t supposed to take him seriously.

Republican after republican saying he didn’t do anything wrong when he kicked off an armed attack on the Capitol building which killed five people. I honestly cannot take it anymore. The apologists are utterly infuriating. It’s unforgivable. The collaborators need to be removed from Congress.

A Quick Nap

The joint session of Congress certified the electoral college results over night. Joe Biden is our next President… again… still.

Now our government gets to take a bit of a nap to recharge after a bad day and then the Vice President and the cabinet enact the 25th amendment and remove Trump from power and the House of Representatives starts new impeachment proceedings… right?

The 51st State

Ever since I learned about civics when I was a kid, I have wanted something. I learned that there were 50 states in the USA but 50 was not a fixed number. We could add more. I thought that was awesome. Like, how do we go about getting state #51? Let’s do it! Let’s add a star to the flag!

There are about 700,000 American citizens living in Washington, DC. More people live in DC than live in either Wyoming or Vermont. Because they do not live in a state, they have no representation in the US Senate. They do have a representative in the US House of Representatives, but that rep does not get to vote.

How is it possible that in the year 2020, 700,000 Americans are not represented in Congress? Wasn’t the question of representation one of the reasons we fought for Independence in the first place?

Let’s fix this. The US House of Representatives is scheduled later today to take a vote on granting statehood to Washington, DC. The bill will reduce the size of the US Capital to just include the main Federal buildings and the Washington Mall. That will leave the Capital outside of any state and free up the rest of the city to become a state for itself.

I am on board. Let’s do this! I want a new star on the flag. I want all Americans to have voting representatives in both houses of Congress.

Of course the republicans in the Senate and the nazi in the white house will never let this happen. They live on the policy of voter suppression. They will never do anything that increases the number of votes. Still, it’s a nice idea.

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Representative Brian Mast (R-FL) is an Idiot – May 7, 2017 Edition


This one isn’t as bad as yesterday’s fascist collaborator moron in Congress video, but it’s got me just as pissed off.  Give it a view, it’s a quickie.

Congressman, how do you know that this bill isn’t going to destroy the lives of millions of people seeing as there was no analysis done on it by any economic or medical groups at all and there is zero evidence to show that anything it says will even come close to doing anything it’s supposed to?

“I know.”

I know things too, you fucking piece of dog shit.  I know you just raped millions of constituents in order to line the pockets of the super rich.  Hey congressman from Florida, how many of your voters are on medicaid?  You know medicaid, that thing you just gutted?  Who bought you, congressman?  Who bought your vote?  Which fascists do you answer to now?

Enjoy your stay in the US House of Representatives.  It will come to an abrupt end in just under two years.