Finished Early

How weird is this? I finished work at 5:30. Prior to finishing work I closed all three activity rings and met my goals for protein and liquid consumption for the entire day.

I guess I can go to bed now. G’night, everyone!

Wiped Out

Every day this week I did my 30 minutes of exercise before work. Today being Saturday, there was no work and I didn’t start my marching in place routine until after 4:00pm.

The result? I feel 10 times more wiped out than I did on any day this week. Recovering from the “workout” is so much more difficult than the rest of the week. I think I need to do tomorrow’s 30 minutes as soon as I get out of bed.

My fat ass is thoroughly kicked!

Two Days

I know it’s only been two days, but I’m in the kind of mindset that requires an over abundance of back patting, if you know what I mean. Times is tough, dig?

Two days down, infinity days to go.