Wallet Fail

In our Covid-19 Lock Down Household, we are still trying to avoid going out in public as much as possible. That means we are still regular users of Instacart for our grocery shopping needs. My wife is a power user. She’s amazing. If there is something out there to be found, she finds it. It’s incredible.

Today was a first for us. We have had Instacart shoppers leave us thank you notes. One left us a zip lock bag with a couple of disinfectant wipes in it. One shopper left us a thank you note with a little bag of M&Ms. I think we’ve had that shopper twice. That is my favorite shopper. Obviously the M&Ms aren’t eaten, but it’s the thought that counts.

Today though, the surprise gift was something special. It was a wallet. Okay, so it wasn’t a gift, but it was definitely a surprise. A nice little leather wallet. Jen was able to text the shopper and let her know, and I left the wallet outside where she could get to it. It’s all set now.

Yeah, that was a new one for us.


I was just doing my walking-in-place exercise-like whatever it is. I felt a bit of a twinge in my left ankle.

Ouch, babie.

I’m okay, but for a minute there I was afraid my 30 minutes was going to get shut down at 20 minutes.

Here’s hoping this isn’t something that’s going to be a thing, you know?

Gone for Good?

I just installed the Facebook app on my iPad, left a super lame goodbye post, and deleted the app again.

The anti-Facebook crusade part deux is officially underway!

Oh, and of the 106 notifications, exactly one was actually for me. No one there will even notice I’m gone.

So long, bookfayce!

Yesterday Was a Day

Most of you won’t get this. However, if you have an Apple Watch and you use the Activity app then this will be a little behind the scenes peek into the kind of day I had yesterday…..

Sure this is a smidge too “inside baseball” for the average web surfer, but I thought it was interesting. Whatevs, right?