More Social Media Birthdays?

Yesterday was this account’s birthday. I had no idea.

Today is, apparently, my twitter account’s birthday. I also had no idea.

The bloggie is in preschool. The twittah is in middle school. I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding creating this version of the blog. I just remember being tired of medium. Twitter is different. I signed up for that during a lunch break while I was working in Framingham on the third floor by the front window before they moved us to the mini-desk section on the second floor. Jen and I opened Facebook accounts together at around the same time, but I think I setup the twitter on my own. I can’t remember if she created hers before me or not. We were dating and we were kinda social media cool back then. If you can ever believe I was cool based on the dumb stuff I post here. Like, cool people don’t celebrate twitter birthdays, right?

Busy Month

May is a really busy month for us.

The eighth is my birthday (blah).
The 19th is my step daughter’s birthday.
The 26th is Memorial Day.
The 30th is our wedding anniversary.

Like a said, it’s a busy month.

There’s one more important date that sort of flies under the radar. That day is May 20th. On that date in the year 2008 a certain red haired blogging nerd got down on one knee and asked the girl of his dreams to be his wife.

It still boggles my mind that she actually said yes.

I love my Jen more today than ever. I am nervous though that she might change her mind so I still ask her to marry me all the time. Fortunately for me she keeps saying yes.

May 20, 2008 - SHE SAID YES!

ADDENDUM: I am such a meat head. I forgot Mother’s Day! Fortunately I didn’t forget it when it counted. >whew<