I watched Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania last night. I had seen a lot of bad reviews and people calling it the harbinger of Marvel’s doom. Was it really that bad?

No. It was entertaining. It also wasn’t that good. It was just kinda there. I think my biggest beef with it was that, unlike the first two Ant Man movies, it wasn’t funny. It tried. It had Bill Murray for crying out loud. None of the jokes landed for me. I didn’t laugh once.

My other complaint wasn’t a complaint about the movie, it was a complaint about how people can suck. Jonathan Majors was awesome as the bad guy. He’s supposed to be the bad guy running through the entire next phase of Marvel. Unfortunately, it looks like he may have beaten up a woman and that make me not want anything to do with him anymore. I don’t want to pay money to watch someone who would act that way. It’s my money and I can do whatever I want with it, and if I want to not use it to support the career of someone who would beat up a woman then I will do exactly that. It just sucks that such a fantastic actor has to trigger such an action from my wallet. If he is innocent of the charges then I will happily spend money on his work. If he’s guilty then recast his ass, just make sure you cast someone as good or better… and I don’t know that there is anyone better. Damn it.

Now that I have seen this flick I am back to being just one Marvel movie behind. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 came out a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t seen it. That’s the only one left now. Maybe I’ll try to go to a theater and see it this weekend. Maybe?