David Crosby

We lost another one last night. Shit. We lost Jeff Beck last week and I am far from over it and absolutely not ready to move on, but then we lost David Crosby last night. Shit.

Remember back in 2016 where the rock stars seemed to be dropping like flies? Bowie, Prince, Paul Kantner, Greg Lake, John Whetton, one after another. Three weeks into 2023, and it’s starting to feel like that again. Shit.

I have posted this particular song here maybe 100 times. I just really like this song. It’s probably not Crosby’s best CSN/CSNY song (that would probably be either Guinnevere or maybe Long Time Gone) but I really just love this song. I’ve never heard this version though. At least I don’t think so. Comments on the guitar playing, because that’s what I do, Neil Young is a ridiculously good guitar player, but I really don’t like him as a soloist. I could listen to him strum and finger pick all day long, but playing lead… sorry, Neil Young fans. Nothing personal. Stephen Stills however is an animal as a lead player. This particular clip might not show him at his best, but he’s a killer. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him playing a Firebird, but it does sort of make me want a Firebird even more than I already did… and I really do want to land me a Firebird.

Anyway. Rest in Peace, David Crosby. Thanks for the music, and also thanks for being such an epic smart ass on Twitter. You were one of the best follows ever.