Feeling Better Again

For the second time in a week I followed a really sick day by waking up the next morning feeling pretty much all better. This is annoying as hell. I didn’t hit my liquids goal yesterday. I missed it by 10 ounces. I need to make double sure I hit it today. I did manage the protein goal. I was a little nervous that pushing it last night would screw me up today, but I am okay. I did my exercise already this morning but I haven’t had breakfast yet. I want to get a little more liquid in first.

Today will likely be a messy day at work as I catch up from being out yesterday. It will be okay though. Tomorrow and Thursday are both in the office days for a huge management seminar. I am really not looking forward to it. Two days in a row, all the way to Foxborough. I have to do it twice next week too, again all the way to Foxborough. The week after I have to go into the office yet again, but this time I get to go to the closest building to home, which is still 40 miles away. Suck, suck, and suck.

The moral of that story is let’s enjoy working from home today before I go through two far away days. Here’s hoping my stomach issues don’t have another relapse. Driving 10000 miles to Foxborough feeling like I felt yesterday would be pretty much the worst thing ever.

Fingers crossed we’re done with all of that.