Possible Big Things Next Weekend

There might be big things happening next weekend. There is a concert in Burlington, VT that will include my step daughter and her staggering vocal talent. That’s a big deal. Might the weekend turn out to be an even bigger deal?

Before the dark days of Covid-19 ruined everything, Jen and I used to try to go to New York during the Christmas season. Sure it’s freezing cold, but it’s New York at Christmas and it’s worth the frostbite and the shivering and all that.

Over the last month we’ve been talking ourselves into and out of making the trip. Jen wants to go but I’m nervous, then I want to go but Jen is nervous, and back and forth we go. Covid-19 paranoia at it’s worst, right? Yesterday Jen asked if I wanted to go to New York next weekend before we head up to Burlington. Sure it’s three hours in the wrong direction, but it’s still doable. I said yes, immediately. No doubts this time.

Will it happen? Who knows. There’s still a week to go for one of us to change our minds, but as of last night we’re in. I even took the last two hours of the day off next Friday in case we want to sneak out early. If we do it, we’ll do it on the cheap. In other words, we’ll stay outside of the city and take the commuter train into town. We’ve done that before. Staying in the city is preferable but hotels in New York are amazingly expensive. Cheaper rooms are the better option when you have two kids in college. Believe me.

If we do this it will be for me, personally, a test run for Disney World from a camera perspective. I’d bring a film camera and a digital camera and start with film and go until I finish a roll (or two?) and then go digital for the rest of the way. The only question is, which film stock should I bring? Oh, the questions. Talk about a dilemma, right?

The final New York question would be is The Book of Mormon still running on Broadway? Screw Hamilton, I wants me some South Park (adjacent)!

It’s the day after Thanksgiving so I guess it’s officially Christmas season, whether I like it or not. HoHoHo and all that crap.