Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Canada, you jerks jumped the gun and had Thanksgiving a month too early so you don’t get a happy Thanksgiving today. Blah to you, kind sirs and madams.

This is traditionally my favorite holiday. I don’t know why, but it is. It’s kind of like From Russia with Love. It’s my favorite Bond movie even though Goldfinger is better. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday even though Christmas is better. What can you do. I am pretty bummed this year that I don’t get the day after Thanksgiving off. I could have. I mean, I actually did take the day off but then rescinded my time off request so that I could give the day to someone else. I mean… we could have both taken the day off, but that would have left us really short handed so I took one for the team.

The plans for today are to get up stupidly early and get my exercise in (done) and have a protein heavy breakfast (done) and then shower and shave. After I finish that I want to make brief visits to both mom and dad, then Jen and I are heading North to her parents’ house for dinner. After 51 consecutive Thanksgivings worth of eating a ton of food like some sort of ravenous, rabid, feasting animal, I am barely going to eat anything and I am very happy about that. Weight loss surgery has changed my life and Thanksgiving dinner is a minor casualty of that change, but it is so worth it. Soooo worth it.

Okay. I have watched the first ever episode of Pennyworth and a couple of film camera videos on youtube. Breakfast is done and so is my procrastination time. Let’s get this turkey day rolling, shall we!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (You too, Canada… even if you do celebrate Thanksgiving in the wrong month. I can’t stay mad at you guys. I love you guys)