MLB Championship Round

I totally forgot to post the teams I am rooting for in the two Major League Baseball Championship Series. My Division series teams split evenly. I lost both American League series, Cleveland and Seattle both lost, and won both National League series, Philadelphia and San Diego both won.

So two teams I don’t like are in the ALCS and two teams I do like are in the NLCS. Insert my frustrated sigh here. So who am I picking?

In the American League it’s the Yankees and the Astros. If you’ve ever read any baseball posts I’ve ever written then you know I am backing the Astros. Sure they are cheating dicks, but I’d rather pick a cheating dick than the friggin’ Yankees. Screw those New York assholes, I am picking the Astros.

In the National League it’s the Phillies, the first team I ever played for, against the Padres, the team from my second favorite city in these United States. I am picking the Padres because maybe if San Diego goes to the World Series we can use it as an excuse to go back for another visit. Hey, it could happen!

So there you have it. I am gunning for a Padres vs Astros World Series. Let’s get it done.