New King’s X

King’s X released a new record for the first time in 14 years today. I’m afraid to listen to it. Their music has never let me down (well… Manic Moonlight and Black Like Sunday and parts of Faith Hope Love just plain suck, but for the most part the statement holds) but lyrically… oh brother. I can handle the christianity, but when the christianity leans into conservative politics well… puke. There was a solo album that came out not long ago that had one song that made me so mad I never listened to the album again. I pretend it doesn’t exist. There’s also that one fucking song on Faith Hope Love… you know the one. I wanted to smack the three of them for that one. Right in their faces.

Now… given the current climate… if they go political on this record it’s going to color everything and I may never give them another listen again. This is one of my all time favorite bands, and I fear I am going to get so pissed off at them that I’ll never listen to them again. That’s how nervous I am about listening to this record.

And yet I am compelled to listen. The three of them together… they are just too insanely good to ignore. I have to at least give them the chance to let me down.

Okay… I’m listening. I have to admit that I am doing my best not to focus on the lyrics. My first listen is just for the killer playing and the insanely good melodies and harmonies. Fingers crossed.

Hey, can I embed an Apple Music album into

I guess not. Maybe I’ll try again later with Tidal. Not spotify though. Fuck those assholes.

ADDENDUM: I’ve listened through it twice. It’s good. I still haven’t let myself dig into the lyrics, but the grooves on a few songs are sick like you’ve always dreamed of.

My one surprise: Three Jerry songs? There have only been three Jerry songs in the entire catalog, I think, and here we have three more? The first Jerry song is on Faith Hope Love and it’s the worst song on a not very good album, by far. The second is on Ear Candy and it’s the worst song they had recorded to date. Hell, it might still be the worst song they’ve done. The third was on… XV? I think? Or was it on Ogre Tones? It’s a great song. It’s an absolute killer. He did a solo album too, and that album is pretty good. Now we have three more Jerry songs. Two of them are pretty good. The third isn’t bad, it’s just kinda forgettable.

Also, one song has some old fashioned Dug screaming. I think it’s been a long time since Dug just let it rip like that. I bet it hurt. I bet he couldn’t speak for a week after recording that track.

Also, also, there are only a couple of guitar solos that grabbed me. Ty might be backing off a smidge on this one. His playing is great though, as always. His voice… now this is not a criticism, it is only a comment and it’s not meant to be good or bad it’s just something I noticed… I think he’s starting to sound… old? You know how a lot of vocalists hit a certain age and you can kind of hear it? Jerry’s like that. Dug is 150 years old (approximately) and he still sounds like he’s 25. Prior to this I would have said the same about Ty (except maybe he’s 90 years old instead of 150… something like that) but not really anymore. Also, is his accent thicker? Weird. He’s a friggin’ god though, so if he wants to sound his age then more power to him.

And that is my very dumb review on the new King’s X album. Go listen to it… or maybe I should say Go Tell Somebody*.

*Yes, you’ve guessed it. King’s X once recorded a song called Go Tell Somebody. You see what I did there?