My First Digital Camera

I got a digital camera while I was in college. I got a film camera first and it kept getting dropped. My parents dropped it at the Hoover Dam. When they came home I said I would forgive them if they got me a digital camera for Christmas. They did.

Yesterday for some reason I was trying to remember what kind of camera it was. Thankfully I had a few shots from back then on my Flickr and it included the camera data. It was an HP Photosmart 315.

Seeing as there is a growing group of folks on YouTube who are singing the praises of early digital cameras, I figured maybe someone might have uploaded a video about that camera. The only thing I found was one guy showing his camera collection and an HP PS 315 was one of them, but it was broken. The only thing I remember about it was that it took a weird memory card.

Here’s a classic picture I took with that camera…


Today I was looking through Flickr for something else and I found this photo of me actually using that first digital camera…

That’s from my UMass Lowell graduation day in 2004. I’m not sure who took that picture. I think it’s a scan of a print. Maybe it was my father? My brother? My sister? My uncle? No clue. It is visual evidence that I owned an HP Photosmart 315 though, so it’s good for historical reasons.

My second digital camera was a Kodak Z740 Zoom and there are probably a thousand shots from that camera on my Flickr. That sucker was used a lot. I bought that in 2005, and upgraded to the Nikon D90 that I still use almost daily in 2010. What will the next digital camera be? The safe money is on something mirrorless, but that isn’t going to happen while we have kids in college because those suckers are expensive. The only other thing that I think about, which I will not actually pursue, is a film camera that can auto focus. My eyes get shittier every day, and manually focusing that the ebay Nikon is tough for me.