It’s Only Thursday?

Going into the office on Tuesday this week has melted my brain’s internal calendar. Yesterday felt like Friday but it was only Wednesday. Today is Thursday and it feels like Friday too. Shit.

This weekend is going to be emotional. Harry comes back from a week at his dad’s tomorrow. Then we have the whole day on Saturday. Then at the crack of dawn on Sunday we move him back to school in Vermont.

I miss the kids when the they go to their dad’s for a night or two. Last year was rough with both of them away at school. We only had Bellana back for a few weeks this summer, but we’ve had Harry for the better part of three months. It’s going to be hard seeing him go again.

He’s moving into a new dorm this year and he’ll be in a suite with a bunch of friends. That’s going to be a great experience. He has some interesting classes on his schedule. He’s going to be challenged but he is also going to enjoy himself. A little piece of me is jealous, but I’ve already been there so not really. I am excited for him but I am also going to miss him. The empty nest is looming again and it just makes me sad.

The drive to school takes us past the town Jen and I stayed in on our wedding night. Maybe we should drive through on our way home and try to sort of cheer ourselves up. Who knows.

Until then, I have a Thursday that feels like a Friday to get through. Wish me luck.