A Nice Early Start

Jen had to get up early for a work thing today. It started at 5:00am. She set the alarm for 4:00am. I told her I would get up with her, in an attempt to be a good supportive husband. I don’t think she quite believed me. The alarm went off at 4:00, she snoozed it, then reset it to 4:30.

Next thing I know it’s 4:50 and she’s up and getting dressed and ready to start the day. Hell, I better get up too! She told me to go back to bed. I said I was going to be a good supportive husband and get up with her. I didn’t actually say that. I think what I said might have sounded more like, “grmblegrrglearrggh” but I think the meaning of my grunts came across.

Now it’s quarter to 7:00am, her work thing is done, she’s working on a computer she recently put together, I am about to start mixing a new tune.

Maybe at some point today I’ll be able to talk her into taking a nap. Heh heh heh. Kidding!