In the Air

Bellana’s plane is in the air. She’s going to be crossing the US/Canadian border shortly, somewhere West of Saint John, New Brunswick.

We got some texts through just before she boarded. We wished her a safe flight and told her that we love her. Next stop is Amsterdam, around 1:30am or so our time. I will watch the flight tracker for as long as I can, but if I am still awake when she lands it’s going to mean a really crappy day at work for me tomorrow. Old people like me need all the beauty rest they can get.

Harry’s here. We thought he wouldn’t get here until after 9:00pm, but he walked in around 7:00. Bonus. We watched episode three of The Book of Boba Fett and all is well. Go ahead and talk about it. You can’t spoil me anymore.

It’s just a distraction as we wait for happy landing news from The Netherlands. That’s the kind of good news I need in my life.