I Guess I’m a Plumber Now

The drain in our bathroom sink clogged. I put some drain-o in yesterday and it helped a little, but it was still really slow. Jen ordered a drain snake. It was just a little plastic thing you stick into the drain from the top and it’s supposed to help you yank out clogs.

The only experience I had with snaking a drain was at my parents house in Tewksbury where we had to go into the bathroom tub drain from below. It was this crazy long wire with a snag at the end of it. I don’t think I am exaggerating by saying it was the nastiest, grossest experience of my life.

I tried the thing Jen bought today. I don’t think it was long enough to reach the bend in the pipe where you would expect the real nastiness to live. I put it into the drain, twisted it around, and brought it out. There was definitely some gunk stuck on it. That was nice. No hair though. Nothing that looked like an obvious clog source. I didn’t think there would be. I didn’t feel anything blocking the line. I tried a second time. I put it in past the drain stopper and immediately some gunk popped out.

Wait a tic… I ran the thing around the drain stopper itself, pulled it back out, lots of gunk. Was the clog stuck to the stopper itself? I ran some water into the sink. It drained out perfectly.

Hot damn! Look at me being all plumber and shit! I tried it in the other bathroom too…

Nope… that puppy is still good and clogged.

Oh well.

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