Two Weeks Down

It’s Monday again. You know what that means? At 2:00pm the time runs out on the second week of my facebook boycott. I said I’d stay away for a week, then when that week was up I extended it a second week. That second week is up today.

I would like to say it’s been getting easier. I’m not sure that’s true. It’s my nephew’s birthday today and Facebook has become the traditional birthday wishes extension mechanism. They also tried fighting back again. When I joined Lizardfish Kevin made me a co-admin of the band’s facebook page. I got a notifications email for the page the other day. I didn’t open it. I have only gotten the one for my personal account which leads me to hope that I don’t have any new notifications which means maybe they’ll leave me alone now? I don’t know.

While I definitely do not miss the nazi bullshit, which is the reason I left, I am starting to miss some of the other connections. I haven’t seen any pictures of any of my brother and sister’s kids, including the birthday boy, I’m out of touch with friends, and I haven’t had the opportunity to check out any fellow guitar nerds’ rigs on the various groups I belong to. I guess my point here is that I am in full blown FoMO mode right now. The fear of missing out is catching up to me.

When 2:00pm rolls around today I will extend the facebook ban by another seven days. I’m not sure I am going to make it through this one, and if I somehow manage to, I am not sure I’ll be able to stop myself from putting an end to it. It is starting to feel like failure is inevitable.