I started my crusade against Facebook three days ago on the 27th at about 2:00pm. Despite catching myself looking for the app on my iPhone 4-5 times a day I would say it’s going well. I have survived this far. Even better, my wife has jumped on the wagon with me. How cool is that? We can accomplish literally anything if we do it together.

A few minutes ago something happened that I didn’t expect (though I should have). Facebook fought back.

I received a notifications email from Facebook. I didn’t open it, but I could see the little blurb that gmail displays on the inbox. Robert, you have x number of notification from blah blah blah.

I totally should have seen that coming. I’ve probably received notification messages from them before, but I just didn’t think of it. I probably always routed them to spam, but somehow they still sneak through. Then to sneak through right in the middle of my epic crusade?