Binge Watch Troubles

Years ago we watched a show on Netflix called The IT Crowd. It was really funny. Years later I saw an episode of Community with one of the IT Crowd cast members and thought it was really funny. Then I started watching What We Do in the Shadows with that same IT Crowd actor in it and that show is fucking riotous. The actor’s name is Matt Berry and I started wondering if maybe he was the funniest person on Earth. Could be. I’m not sure. I heard about a BBC show he co-wrote and starred in called Toast of London that is on Netflix. I started watching, for research of course. It’s funny. Not nearly as funny as the other shows though. It’s very English. Like… IT Crowd was super English, but Toast of London is Englisher. At least English in the way that a douche bag from the US like me would think is English.

Whatever, it’s funny even if it isn’t as funny as The IT Crowd. The reason I’m writing about it is that there are three seasons on Netflix. One has seven episodes, two and three have six each. I finished the first season today and then found out that Netflix is dropping the show on the 31st. Muthapussbucket! Can I rage through the second and third seasons (12 episodes) before the 31st?

Challenge accepted. Though the answer is no, I am not going to finish before Netflix pulls it.