Meeces to Pieces

I know a lot of people will be offended by this one. I apologize. I mean no offense, but I am also not sorry so… sorry.

Look back two posts ago. See that picture? Can you guess where this one is going?

My mother saw a furry little rodent critter today. It came out from under her dresser, ran a while along the length of it, and then ducked under again. My brother asked me to pick up some traps on the way over.

As mentioned in the previous post, the secret is peanut butter. I set one up and slid it onto a spatula and gently placed it under the hospital bed in the living room. No problem. Then I went to setup a second trap and it went off on me three friggin’ times before I could get it onto the spatula, then it went off again when I gently placed it on the floor behind the comfy chair. One more try and I finally got it down. Then I baited a third trap and put it under my mother’s dresser, near where she saw one earlier.

I think that was at about 8:45 or so. Maybe a little earlier, but about then. The trap under the comfy chair went off at 9:30. I figured it was just touchy because that was the bastard that gave me all the trouble.


Rest in peace, you little home invading rodent fucker. Meeces to Pieces, indeed.