Play Like Mr Johnson

I use the youtube to learn how to make new and exciting weird noises, but I don’t often use it to learn how to… you know… play.

I have no excuse for never learning how to play finger style guitar before. None except that I have no independence in the fingers in my right hand. For the lesson in the video, I can play the thumb part easy. I can play the non-thumb part easy. Can I play them both together? That would be a no.

Mr Johnson and I share a birthday. The least I can do is learn to play more like him (ie: steal from him*). Now that I’m 50, why not? I mean, Mr Johnson died at 27** so it’s really the least I could do, right?

*Is “ie” used correctly? Should it be “eg” or “re” instead? I didn’t sleep last night so I can’t do grammar.

**No one knows for sure how Robert died, but the most common theory is that he was chasing after a married woman and her husband poisoned him.

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