Light Up the Falls

This is a photo of the Spicket Falls dam in Methuen.

2010-02-28 - spicket flood level 015

This is a really terrible picture of Niagara Falls with some of the colored night lights turned on.


The two things have nothing in common other than they show water falling off a cliff. In New York/Ontario it’s natural. In Methuen it’s man made. That isn’t relevant though.

The city has announced an art project where they are going to install colored lights that local artists will be able to use to create light shows on the water falling over the edge of the Spicket Falls dam. It’s going to open for a test run some time in the fall, and then open for real in the spring of 2022. The water flow is only that high during the rainiest times of year so I don’t think this will be a year round thing… but it is cool.

Covid-19 notwithstanding, Robbie is going to bring his camera. Bank on it.

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