Hank Aaron

I just read that Hank Aaron died. Hammerin’ Hank. He might not have had a problem with a steroid user breaking his home run record, but I do. Hank is still the king in my book.

He played in the south in the early 70’s and he was chasing after a revered record that belonged to a revered white guy. Racist America made his life pretty miserable but he stood tall and did his job like the hero he was. Our world is a lesser place without him in it.

I did a book report on him when I was in elementary school. The only thing I remember from that kids book I read 40 some odd years ago was a story from when he was in his first season in the minor leagues. He was running the bases and his helmet fell off… so he stopped to pick it up and put it back on. How his coach was able to find the self control to not tear his head from his neck, I’ll never know. I was still playing youth baseball at that time. Needless to say I never stopped running (as slow as I was) when my helmet came off. Hank got in huge trouble when he did it, I wasn’t going to fall into the same trap. No way.

Rest in peace, King.

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