Phil Spector

Phil Spector died.

I’m not sure how to react to this one. On the one hand, he revolutionized record production in the 60’s. All of those girl groups, Sonny and Cher, so many hits, he was behind them all. On the other hand he was a scumbag and a murderer. I don’t mean that figuratively, he was actually a murderer.

I guess from a professional stand point the thing that sticks out to me the most was how he was brought in to salvage The Beatles Let it Be album and film soundtrack. He’s the guy who put all those awful string and choir arrangements onto the title song and Long and Winding Road and turned them into schmaltz of the highest degree. Then decades later The Beatles reissued the album with all of his changes stripped out which infinitely improved the album. Yup, that’s Phil Spector to me.

Rest in peace, I guess.

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