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Now that the impeachment vote is done and we have to wait six days for the senate to do… anything and the cheeto’s term ends in seven days anyway, it’s time to briefly think about something else.

The Bruins open up in New Jersey tonight. A 56 game, soon to be covid riddled season. I know at least one team had to be shut down already. Dallas I think? Forgive me for having other stuff on my mind the last week or so.

Last I heard, Marchand is back from surgery, although there was something at one of the last practices that might keep him out, Pasternak is still out and I don’t know when he’ll be back, and Bergeron is now the captain… duh.

Game time is 7:00. The playoff bubble is gone but there are no non-division games to cut down on travel (though… does it?) and there are still no fans in the stands, though some states say it’s okay so there might be some, which is friggin idiotic.

Go Bruins.

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