Are you following the idiocy going on in Washington right now? It’s embarrassing. On the one hand we have fascist legislators calling into question the legitimacy of the presidential election because some guy said so. That’s what it comes down to. Ted Cruz, the schmuck of all schmucks who thinks that being as evil as trump might get him elected president someday, argued that a lot of americans doubt the election so we should scrap the whole process. Fuck you Ted.

On the other hand, cheeto’s mob of cult members spent some time sucking at his teat today before storming the capital building. The law and order party is rioting against Capital Police as I type this. The blue lives matter party is attacking police officers. This is terrorism. It’s that simple. It is terrorism orchestrated by the cult leader. Every single one of these people need to do time for this. Trump included. Terrorists. All of you. Fuck you all.

No proof. None. There was no massive election fraud that changed the outcome of the election. If proof existed why didn’t you give it to the courts? You didn’t give it to the courts because it doesn’t exist. Fuck you, Cheeto.

I am ashamed to be an American right now. Evil has taken over. It’s going to fail, of course, but that doesn’t negate anything that’s happening today. We are no longer a democracy. We are a fascist nightmare. Evil is in charge of our country. We’re finished. America is over. Fuck you, nazi fucks.

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