My State’s Vote

The Electoral College Vote continues. CNN hasn’t updated the tally in an hour. Are they on a dinner break or something? Can’t we just keep going, please? I want this to end, now.

Anyway, this is a CNN report (more of a blurb, really) mentioning how my state is not a fascist state. We still believe in Democracy here.

Massachusetts casts its 11 electoral votes for Biden

From CNN’s Abigail Sharpe and Adam Levy

Massachusetts’ electors cast their 11 votes for President-elect Joe Biden during their meeting on Monday in Boston.

Biden won about 66% of the vote in the Bay State to President Trump’s 32%. 

While five of Massachusetts’s last six governors have been Republicans, including current Gov. Charlie Baker, the commonwealth hasn’t voted for a Republican for president since 1984.

Presidential elector Linda Monteiro of Boston addressed the gathering on Monday afternoon, marking the importance of this moment as a lifelong Democrat and a daughter of immigrants. She called the Trump administration “ego-centric, divisive and mean-spirited” and stated that she believes the Biden administration will unite the country.

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