Too Evil to Deal With

I wanted to get up early this morning. I had two plans that I could follow. One would be to jump in the car and car music like a madman. The other would be to stay home and watch two new Walking Deads.

What did I do?

I slept late, and then sat there reading about how our President is the most vile, evil, disgusting piece of filth in American history.

If he is actually sick, and sick enough to be receiving all of those drugs that are supposed to only be given to patients in critical condition, then his joy ride last night is the single most evil thing that’s happened in my lifetime. 209,000 dead Americans just had the president of the united states take a gigantic shit on them as he left the hospital to show off in front of his base as they hung out in the parking lot without masks or social distancing and just spread that disease like crazy. Even forgiving that, what about the two staffers IN THE CAR with him. Pretty much guaranteed they are going to test positive now. If one of them dies, Trump is as guilty of murder as he would have been if he personally shot the man in the head.

What about the other alternative? He doesn’t have it and this is some kind of campaign stunt to show his base how strong he is. Look at me, I’ve got these super genes that beat the coronavirus without breaking a sweat. There are seven million Americans who have had their lives upended by a life threatening disease for which there is no cure and that asshole is using their fears and pain and suffering like toilet paper in the name of yet another photo op.

My wife keeps using the word monster. She’s right. Any way you look at this, he is a monster. He is evil, the likes of which I never dreamed I would see in my lifetime.

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