Massachusetts is Screwing Up, Bad

I started keeping a Covid-19 stats spreadsheet back in March. I never dreamed it would still be going without an end in sight on the last day of September, but here we are. I keep one with just Massachusetts numbers and one for the entire United States.

We all know the US numbers are so bad they are evil. Literally evil. Unimaginably evil. Massachusetts was really bad too in the beginning, but after a while we straightened things out. For a while there our numbers were among the best in the country.

Not anymore.

We have had over 400 new Covid-19 cases for each of the last eight days. Today we had 532 new cases and 33 new deaths. Oh yeah, and the Governor is talking about further opening up of some sections of the state. This is absurd.

We should be better than this. Get your shit together, Mass.

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