I am a weak, weak man. Last night I had a moment where I gave in to the poison ivy and scratched a spot on my arm really hard. I took off a layer of skin or so and drew some blood. Ouch. I went to the bathroom to clean it up and while I was there I did it again, right on the worst spot. I scratched hard. I’m pretty sure I took two or three pounds of skin and left a bloody, gory mess. The whole scratching fail lasted for maybe 4 seconds but when it was done it looked like a horror movie set.


Blood, puss, gore. Gross.

It looks and feels a little better now, but it still doesn’t look or feel good. How long is this going to last? Who knows. I do know that if I keep giving in to the itch like that it’s going to last a lot longer than it should.

Thanks, 2020.