The State of the World

Want to know my take on the current state of the world?

It sucks.

My step daughter is supposed to study abroad next Spring. She’s supposed to spend a semester in Europe. Yesterday, over the breakfast table, she was sharing some of her plans for what she will do if that trip is cancelled. How is that for heartbreaking? Let’s dangle a once in a lifetime experience in front of people and then at the last second snatch it away.

Earlier today Jen and I were discussing what we can do to make sure my step son gets senior pictures taken for his last year of high school. Can you imagine how bad things have gotten when the idea of something as simple as senior pictures becomes a life risking adventure? I did suggest he take at least a few pictures with a mask on, just to demonstrate where in time the pics were taken.

I am tired of having to worry about the safety of my family every time I cough. I cough all the time. I think it’s an allergy thing, but I’ve been coughing off and on since about 2001. It doesn’t mean everyone is going to die, but that thought goes through my head. I want that shit to end.

I want to take a trip to California.

I want to go to a concert.

I am so sick of this crap.

Wash your hands and wear a friggin’ mask.

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