Quarantine TV


I guess I don’t have a good pun for a name. Oh well.

The binge watching continues. My step son saw a subscription deal for HBO Max and signed up, even though he hasn’t worked a day in almost three months. We put an end to that and took over the monthly payments.

So now on top of Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime we have HBO.

Harry, Jen, and I are working our way through Silicon Valley. I am correcting a mistake I made when Game of Thrones ended. I had a deal with Jen that I would cancel HBO when Game of Thrones was finished, and I did. Unfortunately I forgot to finish the second season of Westworld before I did. I don’t know where I left off so I started season two from the beginning.

Breaking Bad is back in the picture (pun intended). I tried to watch it once and got a few episodes into season two. Bellana was recently binging the crap out of it at world record pace. When she finished I felt inspired to give it another go. I found where I left off and started watching. After a few episodes Jen said she wanted to watch too so we started from the beginning. the last season two episode I watched was the first to have Kristen Ritter in it, so I had to start season one of Jessica Jones too.

As for current broadcast shows, there are only two and I’m getting them both from Hulu. What We Do in the Shadows is hysterical. Also, the final season of Agents of Shield started two weeks ago. So far it’s really good.

And that is the state of the quarantine TV binge watching nation. YippeeSkippee.

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