COVID-19 Numbers

Here’s what I have for today:

  • Methuen, MA
    • Total Cases: 894 (up 13 from yesterday)
    • Deaths: 49
    • Death Rate: 5.48%
  • Massachusetts
    • Total Cases: 94,220 (up 527 from yesterday)
    • Deaths: 6,547
    • Death Rate: 6.95%
  • United States
    • Total Cases: 1,695,776 (up 20,244 from yesterday)
    • Deaths: 100,047
    • Death Rate: 5.90%

Congratulations, USA. We’ve hit 100,000 deaths today. Look at all the happy MAGAs. Look at that president glowing about how awesome our response to this has been. One Hundred Thousand dead Americans. It’s all on you, Trump. You evil nazi piece of shit.

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