When You Come Down to it, This is Just Going to Suck

My wife and I were talking about COVID-19 today.  To summarize, both of our companies are on a full work from home and both kids (college and high school) are on a remote class schedule.

The kids haven’t had any classes since the policy went into effect, and I haven’t telecommuted since my company’s policy started.  Jen has been at home since Wednesday.

Today she said to me, tomorrow is the start of the first full week of all of this but it feels like we’ve been doing it for a year.

Truer words were never spoken.  There were some jokes going around on bookFayce around the start of February that said something like January was a really long year.  Again, how true… but… Something tells me we’re going to look back at March 2020 as one of the most painful experiences in any of our lives, and that’s not even bringing the possibility of the mortality rate into account.  The social distancing alone is going to eventually be flat out soul crushing.

It’s the right thing to do, no question… it’s just going to be tough.

Addendum: My mouse was hovering over the Publish button when we heard that all bars and restaurants in Boston are now supposed to close by 11:00 PM.  Again, the right move… just… ouch.

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