I Did Almost My Whole To-Do List

On Friday I posted a to-do list for myself for the weekend and I did almost everything!  Amazing!  The only thing I missed was the most important one.  Oh well.

Take down the Christmas tree.  Done.  We’ll be sweeping up pine needles for decades to come.

Put away the Christmas decorations.  Done.  I didn’t count the lights on the house, and those are still up.  There is also a big plastic Santa in the driveway that needs to be put away.  Otherwise we got it all.

Reorganize the living room.  Done.  Ish.  There are still a few things we want to do, but we are very happy with it right now.  See the 10000 pictures I posted on Saturday.

Replace the heroic snow shovel.  Done.  I got the tallest one I could find at Lowes.

Replace the fluorescent light bulbs.  Done, but it’s still an issue.  The bulb in the kitchen was definitely burned out, but the replacement doesn’t work.  It flickered for a second or two and then nothing.  Similar results in the cellar.  Two new bulbs in the back of the room worked great.  Two new bulbs next to the stairs come on, but they just flicker dimly.  There is definitely power going to the two lights that are still not working so it’s something else.  I might need an electrician.

See Star Wars again.  Done.  I stuck with Diet Coke though.

Go to Weight Watchers and Planet Fitness… ummm… Did I mention we took down the tree?

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