The Year in Flickr

Hello and welcome to the annual (?) Year in Flickr post!  One pic from each month in 2019!

January: 2019, the year the whole family embraced vinyl!

February: We went to see The Beatles (or something similar)

March: We explored some of the mills in Lowell.

April: (this one is just for guitar gear folks) I embraced the hype.

May: The month we went to Boston to just hang out, a bunch of times.

June: Enter the CPAP machine. (more on June later)

July: Disney. Tons of Disney.

August: I finally got back to the ocean in time for a sunrise. I need to do that again soon. Maybe this weekend? (more on August later)

September: I’d been trying to make it happen since the mid-80’s, but I finally saw Steve Hackett in concert.

October: The Border Cafe in Cambridge, before the fire. I hope it’s not gone for good. Fingers crossed.

November: Lizardfish played their only gig in the calendar year. We were okay.. I wasn’t.

December: Lots of wonderful family time. I love my family.

July Bonus Pic: Someone graduated first in her class!

August Bonus Pic: The view from someone’s college campus. We have a college student in the family!

And there you have it. One pic from each month and a couple of extra for luck. We’ll do this again next year, probably.

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