The Blogging Experiment

When I started this useless blogging bullshit for reals back in November of 2008 (meaning when I started posting things publicly, instead of privately on myspace, which started in February of 2006, I think) the idea was to try and post at least once a day.  That got out of hand really fast as for the next few years I was averaging closer to three posts a day.

As time went on I got lazier and lazier and when I look back at 2017 through mid 2019 I wasn’t even close to posting once a day.  I still don’t know why, but on June 1, 2019 I decided out of the blue to get back to the old ways and post every day.  Since then there have been exactly two post-free days, July 31 and September 4.  I’m still posting a lot of quick camera phone posts but I also made myself write more.  While that’s been nice and all, it usually results in totally useless and pointless drivel like this post you’re reading right now, and when the post is actually about something it’s likely something that the 10 previous posts were about as well.  Can you say repetitive?  Repetitive.  Also, repetitive.  Also: Run on sentences.

Anyway, it’s just this dumb thing that I do.  I haven’t done anything to try and increase views, though I have spent a little more time reading other people’s posts and that can sometimes bring readers in.  If that happened know it wasn’t my goal.  I have seen a pretty dramatic uptick in views though.  Now you have to understand.  Two views in a day is a dramatic uptick from one view in a day.  That’s the kind of numbers we’re talking about here.  I did the math for 2019.  I figured out the average views per month for the first five months of the year, prior to writing more, and for the last seven months.  The average per month increased by about 250%.  So it’s more like one viewer turned into two and a half viewers.  None of this has any meaning at all, but I do have the word “analyst” in my job title and sometimes looking at statistics kinda fascinates me.  When I was a kid it was baseball stats.  Today it’s idiotic, blathering, moronic, blogging stats.

It’s fun for me.  Piss off if you don’t like it.  Oh and you can expect the start of RPM Challenge posts any day now.  Speaking of repetitive.  You’re welcome.

Happy New Years Eve Eve.

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