Decade’s End

I’m having a hard time accepting that tomorrow is the last day of the decade.  I’ve heard people talk about it before, the older you get the faster time moves, but I’m experiencing it for myself and damn if it isn’t scary.

I met my wife and my step kids in 2007.  We got married in 2009.  We bought a house in 2010.  All of those events feel as though they just happened.  The day after tomorrow is 2020.  How can that be?  Jen and I will have been married for an entire calendar decade.  Why does that feel surprising?  Why does it feel weird?  Not bad at all, just weird.  It’s like giving physical form to an abstract idea.  10 years isn’t weird, a solid contiguous decade is.  I don’t know what I’m talking about, just ignore me.  I’m 48 years old and I haven’t got all the metaphysical stuff figured out yet.  I’ll get there someday, probably 10 seconds before I snuff out.  Maybe not being able to wrap our tiny brains around things is actually the reason for everything.  I’ll shut up now.

Tomorrow night we’re going to give First Night Boston a shot.  I’m a little worried because the weather is garbage right now and the forecasts say it could be garbage tomorrow too.  I have to work so Jen and the kids will be in town long before me.  Bellana has plans to meet friends somewhere in town and whatever they are doing will run until a little after midnight, so once I show up it will be Jen and Harry and me.  I’m not sure what’s on the event schedule.  If it’s raining or snowing still then hopefully we’ll find something indoors, at least for part of the night.  I plan to take my camera in to work with me so if anything interesting comes along I should be able to snap a few pics.

I haven’t really thought of any resolutions for the coming year, other than losing weight which is always on the list and always fails, but I think I am going to resolve to not refer to the coming decade as “The Roaring 20’s” as some people are starting to.  That name is already taken.  We need to come up with something new.  Unfortunately it’s probably going to be “The Nazi 20’s” but hopefully that idiocy will go away quickly.

We’ve had sleet and freezing rain for most of the day so far, but it’s snowing right now.  I’m too old for this shit.

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve.

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