Organizing Google Photos

I have so freakin’ many albums in Flickr.  The list is seven pages long.  I started on page seven because I wanted to go forward in time and end with the most recent stuff.  Why?  I don’t know, stop bothering me.  Also, page seven only had 14 albums on it and that was by far the shortest list.

The annoying news.  I knew this part, but Flickr lets you download photos albums in .zip format.  That’s not annoying, but it makes you wait while the .zip is being created and you have to go to a second page to download it.  That’s annoying.

The good news.  Google Photos won’t upload duplicates but if you try to upload a duplicate it acts as if you did.  Here’s what I mean.  Almost everything in my Flickr is also in my Google.  I downloaded an album from Flickr and then uploaded it to Google.  It should have created a duplicate of each file, but Google blocks the upload of said duplicates.  When the “upload” is finished it gives you the option to create a new album, and the images it pulls into the new album are the original images that I actually uploaded 11 years ago.  So I get a new album with the correct images without adding any new images.  It’s like a really good search function for people who are too lazy to actually search.  Thanks, Google!

The really friggin’ infuriating news.  Google doesn’t seem to play nicely with the select all function.  I download the .zip from Flickr, unzip it into a new folder, open the folder from the Google Photos upload link, press command-A to select all of the files, and click okay to upload.  When the upload is done there are a shit load of images missing.  What?  I tried again, same thing.  Why?  I tried again but instead of using select all I clicked on the first file, scrolled to the end, shift-clicked on the last file to actually select everything, click okay, and then everything is uploaded.  WhatWhatWhat?  There has to be something else going on here.  Maybe it’s a problem with the unzip?  I can’t imagine the select all doesn’t work.  Maybe it’s the browser?  I don’t know, but it’s stupid.

Now a test.  The only way to make a photo public in Google Photos is to share it with someone.  Maybe I’ll create a second Google account and share it with that and then it will work?  Maybe?  I am not hopeful.  Google does offer a shared folder function.  Maybe that will work for me?

If you can see this image, then shared folders work…

I can see it, but that might be because I am signed in to Google.  I’ll have to try viewing this post while I’m not signed in.  Duck and cover, everyone.


Addendum: I think it worked.  I opened a private browser window and I could see the image.  I wonder then if I could see the image without using a shared folder.  I think I tried that once before and it didn’t work.  I’ll try again later.

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