It’s Not Even Winter Yet

Tuesday December 17, 2019.  We’ve had, what… four snowy days this month?  How many days have we had with temperatures in the 20’s?  I’ve lost count.

The first day of Winter is Sunday December 22, 2019.  Five days from now.  We’ve had all this snow and all this freeze and it’s not even Winter yet.

Why is Winter so special that it gets to effectively start in the middle of Autumn and doesn’t end until well into Spring?  Why do we have to deal with five months of Winter weather?  There are four seasons, why do we have one season that takes up more than one quarter of the calendar?

Winter is such a prick.  If it weren’t for hockey it would be 100% useless and evil.  Who do you think you are, Winter?

Jen was on call last night.  I wanted to be a good hubby and stay up with her so she wouldn’t be stuck staying up alone.  We didn’t go to bed until a little after 1:00.  I ended up getting around four and a half hours of sleep.  Combine that with the awful winter commute to Foxborough this morning, and the drive from there to my desk in Waltham this afternoon, and knowing I still have to drive the rest of the way home……..

I am beat.  Lack of sleep is one thing.  Winter weather piling on… that’s just a dick move.  Is it Christmas yet?  I want this whole mess to be over with.  Gimme my damn Spring back.

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