I’m Having a Bad Day

It wasn’t even 9:00 AM yet and already we have the potential for a historic bad day.

I have a yankee swap today.  My gift is wrapped.  It is in a glass bottle and the glass bottle is in a small box and the box is wrapped in festive Christmas wrapping paper.

As I was walking through the kitchen, heading to the door to leave for work, I dropped it.  I didn’t hear anything break.  There are no signs that anything in the box is broken.  No crunchy sounds when I shake it.  No changes to the substance of the box.  No smells.  I’m 98% sure that all is well.  Unfortunately I can’t be 100% sure without opening the thing up and I don’t have time to put it all back together if I did, and I don’t have any way to replace it if there’s a problem.


Did I mention it’s snowing?  Did I also mention that the yankee swap meeting is something like a 60-70 mile drive from my house?  It was snowing a little when I left the house.  Enough to see it, but not enough to effect anything.  Not even enough to need my windshield wipers.  About 15-20 miles down the road though it started snowing harder.  It was sticking and building up between the lanes on the highway.  There was a ton of sand on the road already so it started turning to mud and flinging onto everyone’s windows.  Definitely need the wipers now.  The last 15 miles or so was better.  It turned to rain.  The rain of course is freezing on the ground though.  Our parking lot is in the process of turning into a skating rink.

I made it through the ice and into the building.  I put my stuff down (including my potentially broken gift) and walked to the bathroom where I seem to have pulled a muscle in my right calf.  It hurts, but not so bad as to be a problem.  I’m limping a little, but not much.  It’s more like the spirit of the thing, you know?

Hey universe… kiss my ass, you jerk.

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