Star Wars Binge Notes

Episode 1 – 2:16 (done)
Episode 2 – 2:22 (done)
The Clone Wars – 1:38 (done)
Episode 3 – 2:20 (done)
Solo – 2:15 (in progress)
Rogue One – 2:14
Episodes 4 – 2:04
Episodes 5 – 2:07
Episodes 6 – 2:14
Episodes 7 – 2:18
Episodes 8 – 2:32

Thats a total running time of 24:20.

The Clone Wars TV show goes before Episode 3. The Rebels TV show goes before Rogue One.  The Mandalorian goes before Episode 7.  The Holiday Special and the Ewok Adventure shows… well let’s just pretend they didn’t happen.  There’s also that Resistance cartoon but I don’t know anything about that, though it sounds like it would go after The Mandalorian.

When Disney+ launched I had this vague idea of watching all of the movies in order to work my way up to Episode 9.  Yesterday I was sitting in the living room with my sniffles and thought, what the hell?  The thing with the pictures… well, I am a nerd after all.  What are you gonna do?

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