No Practice for Old Redheads

Band practice didn’t happen last night.  One of my coworkers sent me a gchat message with a link to a local news site article.  It mentioned a huge truck roll over on a ramp from route 93 to route 495, literally right where I needed to go in order to get from work to practice.  I forwarded it along to the band and everyone pretty much panicked.  Can we push to Tuesday?  Nope.  Can we push to Wednesday?  Nope.  Oh screw it, let’s just push to Sunday.

That gives us one practice before the next gig.  Every single day I tell myself that I need to spend an hour practicing.  Just one run through our planned set.  I need to practice or I won’t be ready for this show.  Then every day I find an excuse not to practice at all.  I’m killing myself over here.  I need to step up my game or I am going to look like an idiot.  Well, I am definitely going to look like an idiot but I am more concerned here with sounding like an idiot.  That’s a clearer statement of my state of mind right now.

I had a decent sleep last night.  Six hours and a heart rate dip of 15%.  Not bad.  I’m still really tired though.  I think that might be because I am still recovering from Sunday night.

It’s cold and rainy outside and has been for a few days.  We even got a little snow on Sunday, though it was gone by Monday morning.  I know I’ve said it a million times already, but I want Summer back.  I’d be much more able to deal with dreary if it were warm and dreary instead of cold and dreary.

On the plus side of the universe, I have brown bagged my lunch both days this week.  Jen and I have eaten home made meals for dinner on four of the last five nights and tonight will likely be another.  We both love going out to eat for all sorts of different reasons, but there is no need for us to do it as often as we do.  Home made is good.  Brown bag is good.  Let’s be good more often.

When did I become obsessed with Peanut M&M’s?  I hated them with a passion when I was a kid but now I love them so much that they are literally ruining my life.  Stupid delicious peanut candy.  Stupid, stupid delicious peanut candy.

My step son is a Junior in high school and tomorrow he gets inducted into the National Honor Society.  Just so you all know that he’s brilliant.  I figured I’d share that a day early because I like bragging about how smart he and his sister are.  Did I mention his sister (also a member of NHS) was her high school class valedictorian?  I think I might have let that slip a few months ago.  I’m going to be late to the NHS ceremony tomorrow, but I will get there as fast as the law allows and I will be insanely proud, as usual.

I wrote all of this over an hour ago while I was on my lunch break but I forgot to publish it.  I’ll publish it now.  Enjoy the random blither.

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  1. Again, I SO wish there were still a “like” button. I’m so proud of Harry!!! I hope you take a video of the ceremony (at least the part that shows Harry) and post it either here or on FB, or send it to me. I have a slew of kids’ videos on my phone & iPad and I keep adding to them. I’m so proud of both of them I sometimes feel like I could burst!!

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